Why Consider Offering a Crown Lengthening Procedure?

August 15, 2022

A crown lengthening procedure can help patients feel more confident about their smiles. However, only not all dental practices offer crown lengthening. In this article, we’ll explain why this procedure is growing so quickly in popularity. We’ll also explain how offering a crown lengthening procedure can help you expand your business.


What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a simple procedure that removes gum tissue in order to expose more of a patient’s tooth structure. Sometimes, small amounts of a person’s jawbone are removed as well. This can have cosmetic as well as restorative benefits for the patient.


Why Patients Choose This Procedure

For many people, crown lengthening is done for aesthetic purposes. By removing excess tissue, dentists can reduce a patient’s gummy smile, make the gum line appear more even, or improve the shape of the patient’s teeth. Some patients also need crown lengthening so that their dental crowns can fit better within the mouth.


Planning For Your Practice’s Future

Crown lengthening can have many benefits for a patient’s smile. However, dental practices can also benefit from providing this service. Crown lengthening is a great service for anyone looking to expand their practice. Not only is the procedure relatively simple, but it also can be used to solve a variety of cosmetic and structural issues. Furthermore, not all practices offer crown lengthening. By adding this service, you can set yourself apart from your competition while also providing genuine help to those who need it.


Expand Your Skillset

General dentists can quickly and easily learn how to lengthen crowns. In October, IHDS is offering a one-day course for providers who want to master this skill. During the course, you will review the best practices for treatment and have the opportunity to practice your skills. You will also be able to network with other providers and compare strategies for implementing this procedure. Click here to learn more about this course.


Explore Our Other Courses

The Institute for Houston Dental Synergy offers a wide variety of training programs to help dentists grow as providers. Click here to learn about our other training courses, or click here to explore our convenient webinars.

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