Who to Visit for a Dental Implant Surgery?

June 15, 2023

The procedure for dental implants is not a simple one; it requires additional skills and expertise to be qualified to perform the procedure. Failing or missing teeth and chronic dental problems may be eliminated with the help of a dental implant, which involves creating space in the jaw and placing the titanium post —- an invasive procedure one can only trust qualified professionals with. So, it raises the question: Who is the Best Qualified for a Dental Implant?

Dental Specialists Who Can Help with Dental Implant Procedures

Dentistry is a vast field with multiple services; a general dentist is not the only professional you will encounter. There are specialists for root canals, gums, malocclusion, and different concerns. So, a dental professional should take Dental Implant Training Courses for Dentists to get started on the journey to becoming an implant specialist. Below, you will find a list of qualified dental professionals who might offer dental implant services:

  1. General Dentist

    Can general dentists do implants? Typically, the services of a general dentist are limited to preventive care and basic restoration procedures. So, while a general dentist might be able to place the implant, given that everything seems okay and no further treatments are needed, it is always best to trust a professional with the required expertise and skills. The extra skillset and knowledge are important for safe and effective procedures. Hence, many general dentists are starting to offer dental implant services for missing teeth; they are definitely not the most qualified in this area.

    Keep in mind, though; it is most probably a general dentist who determines that a dental implant is required.

  2. Cosmetic Dentist

    Owing to the name, cosmetic dentists focus on the appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile to the max. Therefore, they specialize in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers, teeth whitening, tooth bonding, and more. Moreover, since they are concerned with aesthetics, they might recommend dental implants over other dental restorations. Some cosmetic dentists possess the talent and skills to place dental implants on their own, but they might collaborate with an expert oral surgeon for the procedure.

  3. Periodontist

    Gums and jawbones are the areas that a periodontist deals with, as they have been through intensive training and schooling to deal with periodontal concerns. Therefore, periodontitis may be qualified enough for dental implant procedures. You can consult a periodontist in case your general dentist does not offer dental implant procedures or lacks experience in the field. In short, while they are not the best qualified for dental implants, periodontists sure are suitable candidates for performing the surgery.

  4. Oral Surgeon

    Oral surgery deals with the surgeries and procedures that involve teeth, gums, as well as other parts of the mouth. Many times, if the jawbone is not strong enough, the patient will require bone graft surgery prior to the dental implant procedure. Hence, to put it simply: an oral surgeon is the best qualified for a dental implant procedure.

Choosing the Best Qualified Expert for Dental Implant

While you are on the hunt for the best-qualified implant specialist, here are a few factors to consider to pick the most suitable option:

  • Training and Education
  • Experience in Dental Implants
  • Examination — do they immediately recommend dental implant surgery or wait to assess it and consider other options first?
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Environment
  • Cost and Payment Options

Enroll to Become an Implant Specialist Today!

The demand for dental implants is growing day by day, and people need more qualified professionals who can handle the task. Therefore, put the glove on and get started on our training courses for dental implants! If you are aspiring to be an implant specialist, contact iHDS at (713) 589 9603 or pay us a visit at 4548 Bissonnet St, Ste. 210, Bellaire, Texas 77401.

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