What is the difference between a DDS and a DMD Dentist?

November 30, 2023

Have you ever noticed two common acronyms written with the name of a dentist — DDS and DMD? You might wonder how exactly these acronyms differ and what they say about the dentist. In simple terms, DDS and DMD are the acronyms a dental student earns after finishing dental school. Other than this, what is the difference between a DDS and a DMD dentist? We will talk about it in this blog!

A Little Bit About DDS vs. DMD

DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery, whereas DMD stands for Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine. The American Dental Association says that DDS and DMD represent the same education despite the names being different. Both degrees have the same requirements; the names are just different.

Difference Between a DDS and a DMD Dentist

Dentists who have practiced DDS or DMD are eligible to practice general dentistry since both degrees require the students to receive rigorous education. An aspiring dentist first completes a four-year undergraduate education program. Then, the graduates attend dental school for an additional four years, during which they undergo classroom training, clinical training, as well as dental training.

Both degrees require dental students to spend the initial two years of dental school gaining education in biomedical sciences. These include courses such as biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, and anatomy. In the last two years, dental students focus on clinical and laboratory training.

After they have graduated from dental school, dentists are required to pass a national examination known as the National Board Dental Examination. Then, they have to take a regional clinical board examination as well. However, there is one more step to receive a license to practice dentistry in any state: the jurisprudence examination.

In short, both DDS and DMD dentists undergo extensive education as well as examination to attain their license. So, you can say that both are qualified to treat your tooth issues and practice dentistry.

Can Dentists Study Further After DMD or DDS?

Many dentists choose to practice general dentistry. However, they can specialize in a particular area of dentistry after receiving their degree. It can take around two to six years, depending on the specialty they pick.

An aspiring dental specialist can opt for orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, and more. They can even sign up for dental implant courses in order to expand their skills and knowledge!

Dentists work and study hard to pass several exams in order to be able to practice dentistry. Whether they have a DMD or DDS, you can choose the dentist depending on their skills, experience, and more. The degree does not make much of a difference!

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