What Are The Continuing Education Requirements For Dentists In Houston?

June 30, 2023

So you have finally reached your goal of becoming a dentist after extensive studying, but that does not mean your education ends here. There are many continuing education courses available for dentists, providing you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge as well as skill set. If you are opting for Dentist CE Courses in Houston, good for you! But make sure you are fully aware of the continuing education requirements for dentists in Houston.

In this blog, we will go over the requirements and the important information. Carry on reading to learn!

CE Requirements for Dentists in Houston

Anyone holding an active license to practice in Texas has to biennially collect at least 24 hours of adequate continuing education. Here are some conditions and restrictions that apply:

  • A minimum of 16 hours of coursework should be technical or scientific. Here, ‘technical’ and ’scientific’ in accordance with continuing education mean that the course content is significantly intellectual or practical. The course should enhance the knowledge and skills of the practitioner, enhancing their approach to providing clinical care to an individual patient.
  • Around 8 hours of coursework may include risk management courses. Some acceptable options are record keeping, HIPAA, ethics, and courses in risk management.
  • Up to 8 hours of work must be allocated to self-study, such as correspondence courses, video courses, audio courses, and reading courses.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training could be used towards CE hours.
  • In the 24-hour requirement, hours of coursework in practice finance would not be considered.
  • Every four years, each licensee will complete the jurisprudence assessment, which is not considered in the 24-hour requirement.
  • A course in human trafficking prevention should be completed as a part of the 24-hour assessment. This course should have the approval of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.
  • Additional hours earned in a classroom or form of a lecture taken within a year preceding the renewal period might be carried forward. The extra hours should not exceed 24 hours.
  • The licensee will be required to sign an attestation when the license renewal is taking place to indicate that they have obtained minimal continuing education hours. Moreover, proof of continuing education hours should not be sent unless the licensee is specifically requested.
  • Any licensee who does not comply with the CE requirements will be ineligible for license renewal until they obtain the appropriate hours.

What is the License Renewal Time Frame?

The license renewal timeframe for CE in Texas is 2 years for dentists with and without sedation permits. License renewal is not possible unless the CE requirements are met and the necessary hours are completed.

For dentists without sedation permits, 24 hours of CE, 16 for scientific or technical hands-on experience, 8 for risk management, and up to 8 hours for self-study are required. As for dental professionals with sedation permits, 16 hours of scientific or technical course, around 8 hours for risk management, 8 hours for self-study, and a total number of CE hours depending on the sedation levels.


Continuing education for dentists in Houston has certain requirements, and meeting those requirements is essential for the renewal of the license and more. You can make sure to receive the best courses for continuing education at iHDS. Head to 4548 Bissonnet St, Ste. 210, Bellaire, Texas 77401 for more information, or get in touch with us at (713) 589 9603.

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