Dentists and Hygienists, Dr. Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow is coming to Houston and you don’t want to miss her dental training course “Committing Your Practice To Ultimate Patient Care”.

If you’d like to know more about this course, we’re hosting an amazing and FREE Live Interview with Dr. Jennifer Doobrow March 31st at 7PM CST… Register below.

During this FREE Live Interview, Dr. Todd Scheyer and Dr. Jennifer Doobrow will be discussing the steps to achieve new levels of success with periodontal and implant patients.

Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow is one of the best! With the steps she’s going to teach in this training, you will be able to:

    • Understand the impact that interdisciplinary care plays in a positive patient experience
    • Define the bi-directional relationship between
      periodontal health and other oral/systemic conditions
    • Identify periodontal health goals that will greatly impact effective case presentation and treatment acceptance
    • Highlight the benefits of growth factors in hard and soft tissue regeneration
    • Define numerous advancements in technology and treatment modalities that can enhance your restorative outcomes
    • Communicate the benefits of Perio Plastic Surgical procedures on your Cosmetic Outcomes
    • Develop an action plan and decision tree to promote comprehensive patient care

Claim your spot and join us for this FREE Live Interview… Register Above.

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