Online vs. In-Person Dental CE Courses: Pros and Cons

October 15, 2023

You can now pursue online or in-person Dental CE Courses, according to your feasibility. As a dentist, you have to enroll in continuing education to keep up with the latest advancements and refine your skills while learning new ones. However, it might be challenging to manage continuing education with your busy schedule, and you might wonder whether online classes suit you more. So, in this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of online vs. in-person dental CE courses. Continue reading to learn!

Pros & Cons of Online Dental CE Classes

If you are constantly on the go, online classes might be more convenient for you. Since your daily schedule keeps changing, you can benefit from online classes. Some benefits of online Dental CE classes include the following:

  1. You can work at your own pace by making your own class hours. This way, you will have time to do the assignments. Plus, you can take classes while on the train ride home or whenever the time is reasonable for you.
  2. Another significant benefit of online dental CE classes is that you will find it easier to juggle your class time, personal life, and your job. You will have fewer time clashes and have enough time allotted for everything.
  3. When you are taking online classes, you have the opportunity to study multiple subjects at the same time, thanks to the curriculum being online. Therefore, you can take as many subjects as you are willing to pay for and want!

While it has many benefits for busy professionals, Dental CE courses might not be all sunshine and rainbows for everyone. Here are some drawbacks to look out for:

  1. You can ask your colleagues for help on a few assignments, but you are solely responsible for the exams and other tasks, and you have to do them all by yourself. It can be challenging to do so!
  2. It takes a lot of extra time and work to complete some subjects, and taking an online class will be difficult without proper study plans.
  3. If you take too much time, chances are that you will fall behind and might be unable to keep up. This might even lead to the need to redo the course!

Pros & Cons of In-Person Dental CE Classes

Classroom courses, too, have a number of benefits and drawbacks. They are great for those who need structure, group work, etc. Here are some reasons it might work for you:

  1. You will have a consistent schedule to follow, with a specific time, place, and curriculum.
  2. The feedback will be immediate; you will not have to wait for the email replies. Plus, you can get immediate answers to your queries!
  3. You will be in the company of like-minded professionals, which helps with networking and forming connections.

In-person classes for Dental CE courses have some disadvantages as well, such as:

  1. There will be a set time and day for the class, which might not work for you. In addition, there might not be a lot of options, depending on the professors teaching the specific subject.
  2. You might be unable to pursue more than one topic at a time.
  3. When it comes to group work, it depends on you and your partners to deliver the assignment how the instructor wants.

Closing Word

You have the option to take online or in-person Dental CE classes. Go over the pros and cons of each and decide which one is more suitable for you!

At iHDS, we offer dental CE courses. Contact us at (713) 589 9603 or pay us a visit at 4548 Bissonnet St, Ste. 210, Bellaire, Texas 77401.

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