Key Benefits of All on 6 Dental Implants

July 30, 2022

All on 6 dental implants are becoming a very popular option for patients. This procedure allows for steady, reliable implant placement with a shorter and easier recovery period. In this article, we’ll explain the top benefits of all on 6 dental implants. We’ll also explain how providers can grow their practice by offering this type of implant.


What are All on 6 Dental Implants?

All on 6 dental implants is a process that uses six dental implants to support a full row of artificial teeth. The process is similar to All on 4 dental implants, but with two additional implants for added structure and support. Both All on 4 and All on 6 implants have great benefits. It’s simply a matter of how much support each individual’s mouth needs.


Top Benefits for Patients

Generally speaking, implants are a popular restorative option. However, patients specifically love All on 6 dental implants because they are a less invasive way of getting the full implant experience. They usually offer a shorter recovery time when compared to traditional dental implants. These tools fully restore the look of a patient’s smile, while also helping to protect their oral health.


Top Benefits for Providers

By providing All on 6 dental implants, you can help more people choose implants. It’s easy to get patients excited about a less invasive, more efficient tool. Plus, by expanding your skill set, you are able to better create treatment plans that suit each patient’s unique needs. If you already offer dental implants, then expanding your offerings will allow you to reach as many patients as possible.


Growing as an Implant Provider

Whether you are new to providing implants or are looking to add additional implant services, continuing your education will help you meet your goals. For instance, IHDS offers implant fellowships to help you expand this field. After the right training, you will be able to use the latest techniques with your patients.


Learn More Today

The Institute of Houston Dental Synergy offers comprehensive training courses so you can grow your skillset as a dental provider. We offer dental implant fellowships, as well as a variety of other resources. Click here to learn about our upcoming programs.

Upcoming Courses

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