Introducing Fall Implant Fellowship 2023 — Enroll Today for an Enlightening Experience!

May 30, 2023

Even if you have completed 4 years of dental school, there is so much more you can pursue and many skills to learn. Well, if you’re looking to expand your horizon in the implant dentistry world, enrolling in a Fall Implant Fellowship 2023 might be your calling. Dental implants are among the most sought-after treatments nowadays, and sharpening your skills with a fellowship may be the building step toward becoming an implant specialist. But what is a fellowship in implantology? Carry on reading this blog to learn.  

Introducing Fellowship in Implantology: What is It?

An implant fellowship is a year-long course that helps carve out the hidden implant specialist within you. Over the course of a few sessions, a fellowship in implantology will help you acquire the necessary skills as well as practical proficiency for implant dentistry. Moreover, the demonstrations and practice will shape you into a professional who can manage implantology in clinical situations, one who takes confident and efficient measures. This way, you’ll be able to plan and practice what to implement with the help of your professional proficiency in dental implants. 

About Fellowship Implantology at iHDS

The Institute of Dental Synergy offers many courses for dental professionals, helping them improve their skills in specific dentistry areas. Therefore, we provide multiple informative courses to share our knowledge and benefit those who need it. This fall, we will be offering a four-session fellowship in implantology, which aims to secure your skills along with giving you a kickstart on your journey as an implant specialist. Below are some important details regarding our Fall Implant Fellowship 2023:

  • Number of Sessions: Our implantology fellow shop consists of four sessions designed and planned to shape your implant specialist skills. All sessions are extremely important — you miss one, you learn nothing!
  • Course Dates: As discussed, we have four sessions. Clear your 2023 calendars on the dates 15, 16, 29, and 30 for the month of September. These are the days that will help you step into the dental implant dentistry world. 
  • Timings: Our fellowship is not a short course that will provide a brief overview of implantology — no, we will commit hours starting from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. to share our knowledge of implantology. 
  • Happy Hour: You will not have to sit for 9 hours straight, with non-stop continuous lectures and demonstrations on oral implantology. Our Fall Implant Fellowship 2023 will include a happy hour or dinner time, so you can relax and mingle with fellow dentists sharing your interests.
  • Demonstrations: Our course will include demonstrations, both on-site as well as live. This way, the participants can witness how a certain procedure is performed. In addition, with live patients, it becomes easier to develop one’s proficiency. 
  • Locations: Lastly, our locations. The first three sessions will be held in Houston, Tx. The fourth and final session, however, will be in Cancun. MX

Enroll Today!

If you want to enhance your talents as a professional in implantology, enroll in our Fall Fellowship Implantology 2023 today! Although fellowship does not make you a specialist, it does expose you to the required training. Dial (713) 589 9603 to talk to iHDS team. Or, meet us at 4548 Bissonnet St, Ste. 210, Bellaire, Texas 77401.

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