Implant Abutment Placement: Improving the Process for Patients

June 15, 2022

While patients are usually excited about their dental implants, the implant abutment process can cause some anxiety. Since the abutment is the most invasive part of the implant journey, patients often worry that the process will cause extreme pain or long-term complications. Luckily though, implant abutment technology has improved significantly in recent years. Of course, this makes the process easier for dentists and oral surgeons. However, it can also give patients much-needed comfort and peace of mind. Below, we’ll share how improvements in implant abutment technology are making oral surgery more comfortable for patients.

Less Invasive Surgeries

If your patient is nervous before getting dental implants, then their fears are most likely related to surgery. Patients will be happy to learn that modern implant surgery is nothing like the procedures they may have heard about in the past. Newer tools and surgical techniques mean that today’s oral surgeries are much less invasive than in the past. This not only means a better surgery experience but more comfortable recoveries with fewer risks of complications.

Newer Abutment Materials

While oral surgery has surely improved, implant abutment materials have improved as well. While patients might not notice a difference in the feel of their implants, they will appreciate higher-quality materials being used. Since there are now more options for implant abutments, oral surgeons can choose the right material based on patient needs. For example, healing abutments are a popular choice, as they can help to promote the regeneration of gum tissue.

Better Follow-Up Care

Follow-up care is often just as important as the oral surgery itself. Follow-up visits give the surgeon a chance to offer guidance and check for complications. For patients, they are a chance to as crucial questions and create plans for future treatments. Conducting a great follow-up is one of the easiest- and most effective- ways to improve the abutment placement process for patients.

Broaden Your Dental Implant Skills

Of course, new implant technologies are constantly being developed. You can stay on the cutting edge of these developments by attending courses and training seminars. The Institute of Houston Dental Synergy is here to help you keep your skill strong in a changing industry. Click here to learn more about our upcoming courses.

Upcoming Courses

Fall Implant Fellowship 2024
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