How painful is the abutment on an implant?

December 30, 2023

Dental implant surgery is the most safe and reliable dental restorative procedure for missing teeth. However, this method involves surgically placing an artificial tooth root in the jaw bone for greater stability for the tooth needing to be capped over. Dental patients often worry about the pain they might have to go through if they sign up for this. This blog answer will attempt to answer all questions regarding the experience of pain and its management during and after a dental implant surgery.

In order to understand the pain management techniques, it is important first know briefly what steps does a dental implant procedure entail.

  • The decayed and damaged tooth is removed in the prior consultation and appointment.
  • The site is prepared for a bone graft to regenerate and facilitate bone growth.
  • An artificial tooth root known as implant is placed in the jaw bone.
  • Now is the waiting time for natural bone growth.
  • An abutment is fit over the implant working as a mediator between the crown and implant.
  • The crown is finally placed over the abutment

It is completely normal to feel pain while undergoing this dental procedure. Getting a dental implant is not a one-sitting procedure. It requires time and multiple visits to your dentist to track the growth and healing of your implant. This process also requires a waiting period after the implant has been fit in the jaw. Nevertheless, during this procedure the patient is given the required anesthesia which minimizes the experience of pain by making the area numb. If the patient has a dental phobia, they are often put to sleep for a calmer experience with very little to no memory.

Experiencing pain during and after surgery is quite normal as your jaw is getting used to a new thing altogether. It also depends on personal pain thresholds that some might experience more pain than others.

What about pain during placing the abutment on top of the implant? During the waiting time either your bone grows naturally or gum reattaches. In the latter situation, if the gum shrinks over a little, your dentist might have to surgically reopen the gum to place an abutment. It is quite likely that the patient experiences pain during a dental implant abutment placement. Local anesthesia is however given before it but the feeling of discomfort and little pain might stay after. In some cases, patients may experience bleeding and swelling too.

Pain Management Techniques for a Dental Implant

  • Bite on gauze if you experience light bleeding.
  • Applying an icepack on the treated site can reduce swelling.
  • Soft and warm liquids and foods can soothe the area.
  • Pain can be countered through prescribed medications.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is always a win-win!


Dental implant abutments are a major part of any surgery. They act as a converging point for securing both the implant and crown together. If you want to learn more about this procedure, enroll at IHDS for the best dental implant courses in the USA. For further details call us at (713) 589-9603.

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