How Many CE Hours Do Texas Dentists Need?

August 15, 2023

The opportunities do not end once you become a dentist — they’re just starting! When you step into the professional dentistry world as a qualified dentist, you can continue your education further by enrolling in different courses and training programs. This way, you have the option to specialize in a specific area and practice that specialization. Dental implant CE courses are among the popular courses that dental professionals pursue, especially because implant surgery is becoming increasingly popular and it is in high demand. If you are pursuing this path, you might wonder: how many CE hours do Texas dentists need?

What is Continuing Education for Dentists?

Continuing education is a way for general dentists and dental specialists to improve and broaden their expertise, knowledge, and skills required in their careers. CE allows professionals in this field to increase their talents while developing professional and personal qualities to succeed.

How Many Hours of CE Does a Texas Dentist Need?

There is a certain number of CE hours required by every state. In Texas, dental specialists or hygienists are required to pay  24 hours of CE every two years. This means all active or practicing dentists must complete at least 24 hours of continuing education biennially.

Here is how these hours are to be divided:

  1. Technical or Scientific Coursework: Out of the required 24 hours, 16 hours must be technical or scientific coursework in relation to clinical care. This means that the course will have content that is significantly intellectual or practical, which is designed to improve the practitioner’s knowledge as well as skill set in providing clinical care to each patient. In short, the 16 hours directly prepare them to deal with individual patients in an intellectual or practical manner.
  2. Self-Study: Up to 8 hours may be in self-study. Correspondence courses, video courses, audio courses, and reading courses can be included in the self-study hours of the coursework, which must be provided by a recognized CE provider.
  3. Risk Management Courses: Up to 8 hours of the coursework may be in risk management sciences. You can opt for record-keeping, ethics, or whatever interests you. This is essential for the dentist to complete their coursework and for the CE to be considered done.

Completing the required hours is crucial for a Texas dentist, but dividing them accordingly to the guidelines is even more important. After completing the recommended coursework and 24 hours, you will meet the requirements as an active dentist.

Get Started in Dental CE!

Continuing education for a dentist or dental specialist is extremely significant. It helps enhance their knowledge, skillset, and more. You can challenge yourself as a dentist by enrolling in CE, allowing yourself to learn more about your respective field. Plus, it provides you with additional qualities that are mandatory in your career.

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