Airway Management – The Dentist’s New Role

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Dr. Michelle Weddle, Tracey Nguyen

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Airway Management – The Dentist’s New Role

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6 CE credits (6 hours)
Breakfast & lunch included
Friday, June 4, 2021 at 8am-4pm

What You’ll Learn

The Institute of Houston Dental Synergy is proud to host Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Weddle. In 2017, the ADA adopted a policy statement outlining the dentist’s role in treating Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) in adults and children. This presentation will provide a basic introduction to sleep related breathing disorders and how they impact the treatment dentists provide to their patients on a daily basis. This course will help clinicians understand their NEW role and Standard of Care set by the ADA for Dentists regarding Adult and Pediatric patients in their practices. It will also present the different tools that dentists could utilize in their practice in order to screen for airway issues in their adult patient population. By the end of this presentation, dentists will:

  • Become familiar with the role of dentists in treating SRBD as outlined in 2017 by the ADA
  • Recognize the medical and dental signs and symptoms of SRBD in adults
  • Recognize the medical comorbidities of SRBD in adults
  • Recognize the impact of SRBD in the dental prognosis
  • Become familiar with the different screening methods for SRBD in adults and be able to incorporate screening in their practices if they choose to do so
  • Learn how to implement protocols for airway screening and treatment for your infant, pediatric and adult patients.
  • Understand the appropriate path to identify these patients and how to work collaboratively to achieve health and wellness for the patient with airway and sleep issues.

Why You Should Attend

Identifying and having discussions with patients about airway issues could:

Improve the predictability of everyday dentistry – Airway issues could lead to problems in everyday general dentistry due to bruxism and acid production (wear and tear and longevity of restorations, fracture/chipping of teeth, loosening crowns, issues with night guard discomfort, bite issues). Understanding the connection between airway, sleep, and general dentistry will allow the practitioner to identify those patients at risk and focus on them in order to help make the dentistry in this patient population more predictable. And in dentistry, predictably means less emergencies and more efficiency and profitability.

Pandemic-proof the practice – Gives a practice an “edge” by positioning the practice as a critical healthcare partner  when discussing oral-systemic connection. Increases the competitiveness of a practice because with the advent of covid, the importance of underlying health has been underscored. At no time is the general health of an individual more in focus in society than it is is today. Allowing patients to understand dentistry’s contribution to this overall health in general and in airway and respiratory health in particular will allow dental practices to position themselves as a major partner in their patients overall health, increasing the likelihood that patients will not postpone needed dental care and preventive dental visits, contributing to the stability of the dental practice during the pandemic and beyond.

Insurance-proof the practice – Being seen as a unique dental practice that is a critical healthcare partner and not just a provider who treats teeth, affords the practice a certain flexibility when it comes to insurance participation. Patients are less likely to switch to another dentist if the practice decides to not participate in insurance because they know and understand that your practice is a partner in their overall health condition and not just looking at their teeth.  They are also more likely to bring their whole family to the practice (adults bring their kids and pediatric patients have parents coming in as new patients). In addition, they are more likely to refer their friends and family if they think you can help them.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand situations arise in which you may need to cancel a course. Course cancellations must be made at least 30 days before the course to receive a full refund; otherwise, a 50% credit will be given for a future IHDS course.

Who Should Attend:



Dr. Michelle Weddle

Dr. Michelle Weddle

Michelle is a general dentist in private practice focusing on the oral-systemic connection for her patients. A special focus of her private practice is managing the adult and pediatric patient with airway issues. She graduated from NYU College of Dentistry and went on to a General Practice Residency at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She made her rounds through the Dawson Academy, Pankey Institute, Kois Center and Spear Education searching for answers to events that she saw in her practice and patients that she could not explain. In learning airway dentistry, she has found the missing piece to the puzzle that helps to answer a lot of her questions. She then attended the Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-residency at Tufts. In structuring her practice protocols, she has realized that there is a big difference between a dentist practicing dental sleep medicine and a dentist practicing airwaycentered dentistry.
Tracey Nguyen

Tracey Nguyen


Dr. Tracey Nguyen maintains a private practice 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC, in Northern Virginia. She is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. On top of being trained by some of the best leaders in dentistry, she continued her training at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington. In 2016, she was honored with Top 25 Women in Dentistry. Dr. Tracey Nguyen serves as a visiting faculty at Spear Education for the Airway Prosthodontics Workshop. As a member of the Wellness Dentistry Network, her practice is heavily based on integrating overall health, bridging the gap with medicine and dentistry. Recently she created the Sleep and Airway group in Northern Virginia, an Interdisciplinary group made of sleep physicians, eats, allergerist, dentists, and myofunctional therapists. They focus on screening, diagnosing and treating children and adults with Sleep Disorder Breathing.

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