Move beyond line-item dentistry and handle complex cases using the fully integrated, digital, interdisciplinary patient care dream team.

Explore a fully digital workflow that totally integrates the restorative dentist, all specialists, and the patient and you will have:

  • Better communication with patients; make the sale
  • Better communication with interdisciplinary patient care team
  • No need to translate into “analog” – wax-ups, impressions, study models, etc.

Ortho, Perio, Surgeon, Pros, GPs … if you care about top tier multi-disciplinary patient care, show up for this unique course!

If you’d like to know more about this course, we’re hosting an amazing and FREE Live Interview with experts Daniel Ramos, Gustavo Giordani, Octavio Cintra, John Karotkin, E. Todd Scheyer, Giancarlo Romero June 15th at 7AM CST… Register below.

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